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AltoConvertPDFtoPNG — is the solution for people who wants to transform PDF documents in PNG. Do you have the images or text in PDF? That is the best way to transform your files in the proper format.

Sometimes, we may have large PDF that contains some information you want to convert into the PNG format. The platform helps you to do that. Just upload document, indicate the pages and they will be converted into the format you want.

Additionally, you will not worry about the quality of the images. Many software programs decrease the resolution and quality of images, but with this converter, you can be sure that the image will not suffer.

All the converted PNG pages will have the same quality as they had in the document. PNG format is good for conversion because its algorithm helps to transform files and saves their resolution. As a result, the user gets the image that takes not many space but looks good.


How can a PDF be transformed into PNG?


It is necessary to follow a few simple advise to convert the document into the image:

  1. Open the AltoConvertPDFtoPNG platform. You will see the box and the button that is used to choose the document.
  2. Drop the file into the box or upload it using the “Choose file” button. Once you click on the button, the preview window will be opened. Select the file you need and click on the “Choose” button in the left bottom corner of the window. You also can type in the name of the document and not scroll along the long list of the files in the folder.
  3. The file will be uploaded. Next, you will see the preview of all the pages of the document. Choose pages you want to convert.
  4. Note, that the system selects all the pages by default. When the page is selected it has the orange frame. If the document you want to transform into PNG contains only images, then just click at “Convert Now” button.  The text can include images and text together. In such a case select only the pages you want to transform.
  5. Choose the pages. Then they will be converted.  Do not forget to download your document not to lose it. In addition to that, you can use more free tools and work on your document.

Pay attention to the size and number of pages in your document. It is necessary to upload the document that is not bigger than 25MB and contains not more than 150 pages. You can upload only one file at a time.


Why is the AltoConvertPDFtoPNG platform worth your attention?  

  1. Your data is safe and you are working on the website anonymously. It is not necessary to register and provide your e-mail, name or phone number, thus your personal information is safe. All the files are removed once you refresh the page. That feature provides additional safety.  Your documents are strictly protected by the data transcription protocol.
  2. The number of documents you can transform is unlimited. Convert as many documents as you want. There is no payments, trial periods and subscriptions. You may also try some other feature and rotate, unlock, protect, extract or compress PDF files for free.
  3. Files are converted in the cloud. It means that the tools are available anywhere from the device, that is connected to the Internet. It helps not to consume the storage of your computer or smartphone. With the help of this solution, everyone can convert files on the go.
  4. The AltoConvertPDFtoPNG platform is available from any device. You can convert PDF into PNG with the desktop computer, mobile phone and laptop anytime you want. Furthermore, the website will work well with any browser.

High level of security, privacy, together with speed of conversion are saving your time and money. Thanks to these advantages, the AltoConvertPDFtoPNG is a good solution for transforming the documents.


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